EJJP kräver att EU agerar

European Jews for a Just Peace kräver i ett uttalande till höga dignitärer i EU att unionen inte står passivt, eller understödjer offensiven mot Gaza.

EJJP stödjer Berkeley studentförening

EJJP visar sitt stöd för UC Berkeley Divest Bill

EJJP:s BDS deklaration

European Jews for a Just Peace, 29 January 2010

No Support for the Israeli Occupation! In Defence of International Law and Human Rights: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

Support for the sailings and the campaign to break the siege

Sailing to Gaza is a stroke of political genius. Israel would like to believe that since 'disengagement' they have no control over the situation in Gaza. Israel is faced with two alternatives now: either they stop the ships and deny access - and by so doing, demonstrate the lie that they have been peddling - or they will allow passage and much needed supplies of humanitarian and political support will reach the imprisoned population of the Gaza Strip. The symbolism of the effort is hugely important. The plans for work in Gaza and elsewhere following arrival are just as significant.