Öppna brev från JIPF

Brev till Gush Shalom

To Gush Shalom, Israel

JIPF Sweden (Jews for a just peace in Israel-Palestine) grieves the passing of Uri Avnery. Avnery died fighting for democracy in Israel. At almost 95, he was an important voice for justice and democracy, not only in Israel but also worldwide, especially among Jews in the diaspora. For us in Sweden, we also remember Uri Avnery from his visit in 2001 when he received the Right Livelihood Award for his dedicated work for democracy and a just peace in Israel/Palestine. During his visit JIPF arranged a large meeting so that Avnery could meet and inspire people here in Sweden. There are many of us who remember his visit and who followed his writings in Haaretz as well as the important work he did for Gush Shalom. We are convinced that his ideas and work will continue to inspire us and many others in Sweden, in Israel and in the rest of the world, longing for democracy, peace and equal rights for all the people in Israel and Palestine.

Olle Katz

Chairman, JIPF Sweden