Ny rapport av B’Tselem rörande tvångsförflyttningar

B’Tselem har släppt en ny rapport rörande tvångsförflyttningar i Hebron med ursäkten säkerhet. Klicka på länken nedan för att ladda ner hela rapporten.


New B’Tselem report:
Using security as pretext, Israel managed to forcibly transfer Palestinian residents of Hebron
A new B’Tselem report released today, Playing the Security Card: Israeli Policy in Hebron as a Means to Effect Forcible Transfer of Local Palestinians, demonstrates how Israel has been using security excuses to implement a policy that has made life unbearable for the Palestinian residents of Hebron’s city center (the Old City), in an effort to drive them from their homes. This policy relies on the extreme regime of separation Israel has been implementing in the city for the past 25 years – ever since the massacre of Palestinians carried out by Baruch Goldstein – so as to enable a small number of settlers to live in the heart of a crowded Palestinian city. This policy violates the prohibition against forcible transfer, which constitutes a war crime.